“Supporting Entrepreneurs to Fight Poverty!”


Turnkeough Wealth Management Supports PovertyCure

Watch a short video about PovertyCure:

Let’s Work Together to End Global Poverty

Paul Keough is passionate about ending poverty by unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit of the developing world. That’s why Paul and his team actively support PovertyCure.org, an organization with a network of over 400 international partners, spanning over 150 countries.

PovertyCure is an initiative of the Acton Institute that seeks to ground the battle against local and global poverty in a proper understanding of the human person and society, and to encourage solutions that foster opportunity and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that already fills poverty-stricken areas of the developed and developing world.

Want to do your part?

Your donations will help PovertyCure reach schools, churches, nonprofits and other organizations with this message. Through screenings of the PovertyCure Video Series, simple training sessions with organizations and conferences with influential nonprofit leaders, we hope more people will move away from aid and embrace enterprise in their fight against material poverty.

“The poor have much to teach you.
You have much to learn from them.”
– St. Vincent de Paul