Turnkeough Wealth Management, Inc. (TWMINC) is a Registered Investment Advisor firm organized as an S-Corporation in the State of Illinois. TWMINC generally provides advisory services to the following types of clients:

Individuals • High-Net-Worth Individuals • Banks and Thrift Institutions • Pension and Profit Sharing Plans • Charitable Organizations • Corporations or Business Entities • State or Municipal Government Entities • Other Investment Advisers • Insurance Companies

TWMINC generally limits its investment advice to mutual funds, fixed income securities, insurance products including annuities, equities, ETFs (including ETFs in the gold and precious metal sectors), treasury inflation protected/inflation linked bonds, non-U.S. securities, venture capital funds and private placements. TWMINC may use other securities as well to help diversify a portfolio when applicable.

TWMINC will tailor a program for each individual client. This will include an interview session to get to know the client’s specific needs and requirements as well as a plan that will be executed by TWMINC on behalf of the client. TWMINC may use model allocations together with a specific set of recommendations for each client based on their personal restrictions, needs, and targets. Fees are negotiable.

These services are based on the goals, objectives, demographics, time horizon, and/or risk tolerance of the plan and its participants. There is no account minimum for any of Turnkeough’s services. Fees are negotiable.

TWMINC offers ongoing portfolio management services based on the individual goals, objectives, time horizon, and risk tolerance of each client. Turnkeough creates an Investment Policy Statement for each client, which outlines the client’s current situation (income, tax levels, and risk tolerance levels) and then constructs a plan to aid in the selection of a portfolio that matches each client’s specific situation. Portfolio management services include, but are not limited to, the following:

• Investment strategy • Personal investment policy • Asset allocation • Asset selection • Risk tolerance • Regular portfolio monitoring

TWMINC may also act as a subadviser to advisers unaffiliated with TWMINC. These third-party advisers would outsource portfolio management services to TWMINC. This relationship will be memorialized in each contact between TWMINC and the third-party adviser.

TWMINC offers consulting services to pension or other employee benefit plans (including but not limited to 401(k) plans). Pension consulting may include, but is not limited to:

Identifying investment objectives and restrictions • Providing guidance on various assets classes and investment options • Recommending money managers to manage plan assets in ways designed to achieve objectives • Monitoring performance of money managers and investment options and making recommendations for changes • Recommending other service providers, such as custodians, administrators and broker-dealers • Creating a written pension consulting plan

Financial plans and financial planning may include, but are not limited to: investment planning; life insurance; tax concerns; retirement planning; college planning; and debt/credit planning.

TWMINC provides “Turnkeough Insights” financial newsletter for a fee that will offer recommendations on purchasing and selling specific securities, sectors, asset classes, or other specific groupings of securities at a stated time.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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